Meet the Team - Sarah Cousens

Meet the Team - Sarah Cousens

Sarah Cousens

What is your role at SMITHMADE? Stylist / Merchandiser

Why is SMITHMADE special? SMITHMADE is a one-stop shop for all things design, unique to Northern Beaches. SMITHMADE offers a thoughtfully curated edit of both high end and affordable pieces.

What do you enjoy about working with SMITHMADE? I like that my job is to style beautiful furniture and objects. The owners, David & Nicole are very collaborative and encouraging of all our individual strengths. I am able to suggest new pieces for the store and bounce ideas about new and upcoming concepts for the space. I also like that SMITHMADE includes a photography studio and can be used as an event space. It is really great to encourages other creatives to use their space. 

I also design the styling collateral amongst a few other online things - my role is quite varied so it keeps it interesting.

What style are you coveting right now? I am really drawn to statement furniture pieces of both European and American design. I love to pair unique, eclectic pieces with a clean, fresh palette to create a timeless yet contemporary space. Colour is playing a huge part in my design choices right now and art is always a focal point. 

What else do you juggle outside of SMITHMADE? I freelance as prop + interior stylist so each job is so different from the next. I can be styling editorial features for interior magazines or brand campaigns, set designing fashion editorials, to sourcing finishes and props for commercial spaces, to working alongside florists and other stylists on weddings or corporate events. 

What’s your favourite piece in the store? The photographs by Habitual Film available in the Manly store.

Favourite food, holiday destination, and local spot? Asian and Italian / NYC / any little grassy spot along the Manly to Fairlight walk - perfect for a picnic!

What makes you feel happy in your home? Our home is very comfortable and has a real calmness about it. I try to only surround myself with things that bring joy or serve a particular purpose. I hate clutter!

You’ve never regretted buying...Art.

Instagram: @sarcuz 

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