SMITHMADE Maker: Drew Heath, Architect

SMITHMADE Maker: Drew Heath, Architect

Creative Director Nicole Dunbar sits down with Architect Drew Heath, who collaborated on the creation of the SMITHMADE space, to talk about his practice and his passions. Alongside coming up with elegant solutions for our design hub, styling studio and store space, Drew has designed some interior elements exclusively for SMITHMADE, such as our solid wood full length grab handles.

What makes a project interesting for you?
The basic brief of a client is often quite mundane and generic – a four bedroom house, two bathrooms, entertaining deck, whatever. However, it’s the small things that make a project interesting. An example would be a house I did where the owner wanted – in addition to the generic brief – a place for their piano. So we started with the piano and the design was created around that space. Sometimes it’s a colour or hobby, a point of view, or a passion for cooking or gardening. There is always one thing that sets one person apart from another.

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